The Maker Way

Our mornings are crazy. Jess has two young kids and Barr stays up too late. We created Maker Overnight Oats to help us start the day right. All you have to do is add your favorite milk or nut milk and soak overnight in the fridge. Wake up the next morning and enjoy. No cooking, no clean up, even take it on-the-go. Maker Oats turns something simple into something special.

Gotta dash,

Jess + Barr

Organic, no sugar added

Our unusually thoughtful recipes include almonds, apples, more apples, bananas, chia, coconut, currants, dates, golden berries, mulberries, and more – all organic – to make an oatrageously good breakfast that's hassle-free (and that you can take on the go).

All of our Maker Oats recipes are made with certified USDA Organic ingredients.
The only sugar comes from dried organic fruits and nuts. This doesn't include any sugar from milk, nut milk, fruit granola, gummy bears, or any other ingredients you add.

So, so simple

Instructions for newbies:

Pour in your favorite milk to cover the oats. Wait until the bubbles stop and then pour in a little more to make sure they're all covered – about 2/3 to 3/4 of a cup should do it. You can't go wrong: soy milk, nut milk (we're especially keen on almond and macadamia nut), good ol' dairy milk and even water all work.

Stir or put the lid on and give it a shake and let it soak overnight in the fridge.* The next morning, you're good to go. We think it's best enjoyed cold, but there are no rules. Add granola, yogurt, kefir, fresh fruit...

Okay, there's one rule: You should let it soak overnight.** Really. We know you're impatient, but if you eat it right away, the fruits won't have a chance to plump up and the oats will be hard to eat. Trust us. Overnight oats are best to eat within 24 hours after soaking.